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Startup Data. Simplified.

Live report creation fed with consolidated 
data so you can track the top startups and market activity in industries and regions that matter to you.

There's a lot of data out there these days.

Things are moving fast in the business world. Making sure you’re on top of everything takes time and effort.
 And you still miss things.

Think of Stryber Analytics as a live spreadsheet for discovering new startups 
and following industry activity & investment.

See the full picture

Seamlessly blend in startup data that matters to you:  Financing rounds, market sizing, competitor mapping, benchmarking, and more.

Track Competition

Keep an eye on industry activities by monitoring new trends, funding activities, marketing channels, and go to market strategies.

Stress-Free Setup

No more cleaning data after downloading lengthy .csv files - everything is consolidated automatically.

Custom Reporting

Create reports that highlight high-performing companies, and then add your own analysis on top.

Team Collaboration

Data you add is shared across teams, so you can build your own internal knowledge base


Base Package

Live Crunchbase Integration
Team Collaboration
Data Visualisation Integration
Unlimited Custom Reports
Custom News Feeds
.csv Export

Business Analysts

Market Sizing
Competition Mapping
By Request

Growth Marketers

SEO & Keyword Benchmarking
Website Analytics & Demographics
By Request


Financial Reports
Valuation Metrics
By Request